Hydraulic Rock Breakers

Our lightweight hydraulic hammers

schéma brise-roches léger
The hydraulic rock breaker (HRB) is the most versatile demolition tool for mechanical excavators. Be it on soft or hard surfaces, for foundations, building demolition, starting trenches, quarry operations, or the construction of tunnels and galleries, the HRB is the ideal solution!

In order to carry out these operations, TP BAT offers a wide range of models which can be adapted to all machines currently on the market. Our products guarantee performance and reliability under all circumstances.

Our hammers all share the required characteristics for a high quality rock breaker:

  • A weight/force ratio adapted to the weight and characteristics of each mechanical excavator.
  • A reinforced and silent framework.
  • A combined hydraulic and nitrogen powered action which increases the force while lowering vibrations.
  • Only two parts move: the piston and the distributor.
  • A system that prevents empty strikes.
  • A valve to control the pressure and one to control the strike rate.
  • A system that supports a high level of backpressure: up to 25 bars depending on the model.

centrale de graissageAuto greasing

The auto-greasing system helps increase productivity as it is no longer necessary to stop and grease the machine manually.
Shorter maintenance periods and properly lubricated tools will help you increase your productivity!

Lubricant / grease

platine adaptationConnector board

Connector board

Connecting hose

utilisation dans l'eauKit for sub aquatic work

This kit meets the specific requirements for harbors, docks, canals, and all under water work. The connecting hose for compressed air prevents water from getting into the hammer and protects the essential parts from corrosion.
The connecting hose is fixed to the top part of the HRB in order to protect it from accidental impacts due to low visibility under water.

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