Mini Excavator Quick Couplers

Our line of mechanical quick couplers for 0.8 to 8 metric ton excavators

The GO BIT quick coupler is a patented REVERSIBLE quick coupler that allows you to attach your equipment forward or backwards without losing any range of movement. In both positions this coupler maintains its maximum opening and closing angle thus maintaining the breakout force.

Built from molded steel, this coupler is particularly appreciated by operators carrying out special work such as digging around pipes, starting trenches, and digging foundations.

The GO BIT coupler is interchangeable with almost all brands and models in its range. The coupler can be used with machines ranging from 800kg to 8 metric tons and meets the needs of professionals in the public works and construction sectors.

Model ST.2 ST.3 ST.5
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Weight range (t) 0.8 to 2.5 2 to 4 4 to 8
Maximum width (mm) 120 160 200
Plan Diagram
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